Made in France

Made in France

Fascinated by the history of French craftsmanship in haute couture and glove making, we would like to revive and modernize this savoir-faire through our new line of fingerless gloves.

RavenelDigee Pop handwear and accessories are designed in Rennes and made in France by a team of haute couture sewing professionals. We are passionate about textile designs and search for unique fabric artwork to feature in our collections. Special attention is given to sourcing fabrics from local and quality suppliers.  

The style

Inspired by diverse cultures and experiences, our collections mix: pop art, vintage styles, retro images, vibrant hues, and we also love to combine fabric artwork from independent designers- we believe their work brings out joy! We use a blend of quality stretch fabrics for a flexible and comfortable fit, and our gloves have a special modern edge cut at the fingertips- keep your natural touch! We hope you'll enjoy our eclectic mix of styles from traditional looks to pieces left of the classic style.

Take care of your digits in Digee Pop fashion gloves- Have a Glovely Day!

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”―Andy Warhol